Thursday, March 16, 2017

Peyton William / 2 Months

I can't believe our peanut is two months old. Month one flew by, and he's changed so much in this second month. Having a toddler running around makes a huge difference also. We have loved these two months with our sweet Peyton William!
Peyton turned two months old on Monday. We went in for a check up and some shots. We are weighing in over thirteen pounds!? What??? We've been in size one diapers since before we hit the one month mark and newborn clothes didn't last long either. We are wearing 6 month onesies and 3-6 month outfits. He's our chunky boy, and oh how I love those rolls and cheeks that he's sporting!
Peyton at TWO months
Weight: 13 pounds 5 ounces (75th percentile)
Birth: 7 lbs 6 oz
Height: 23 inches (55 percentile)
Birth: 20 3/4 in
Head: 16 cm
Birth: 13 cm
What's new???
Smiles. Peyton had started to smile and it is the cutest thing. Toothless baby smiles...delish!

He has discovered his hands and is sucking on them all. the. time.
He's started taking to a binky but those hands taste so much better.
LOVES the swing, sitting in his bouncer while Mama does homework, cuddling, his big brother, nursing, his car seat, being naked, and taking baths.

HATES being set down. He wants to be held whenever his eyes are open. Or at least for you to stand over him and talk to him the entire time he isn't being held. He will swing for a few minutes but don't even think about being out of eye sight.

He eats about every two to three hours during the day. By where he is on the growth chart, it's clear that he never misses a meal. His naps are extremely inconsistent. I was pumping three times a day and went to the lactation specialist and they told me to stop! Peyton wasn't having to work to get milk and so they said he won't develop the sucking motion that he needs to. So, now I pump if I feel like it or if I'm going to leave him. Now he's having to work for his meals and it is taking him longer to nurse, which I don't mind. He obviously likes his mama's milk since he would be 100% content if I let him nurse all day long... I love that now he is aware he loves to look at his mama while he eats. I was worried about how well he would take a bottle and he has no problem. As long as he is getting milk, I don't think he cares where it is coming from!

The cooing and talking is my favorite. We have some of the best conversations while he lays on the bed after a diaper change. He has the sweetest little voice but if he plans on getting a word in over his brother, it's going to have to get a lot louder! During the day, Peyton is really happy. He has a whine that melts me. Not a cry, a whine. His Grandma Jo and I laugh about this. It's pathetic, but so cute. He's not a fan of tummy time. He gets mad. This month he's rolled over because he was so mad. Rolled over. I couldn't believe it when it happened.
He's tracking very well. He's started to really focus on faces. I need to get him an activity mat. I'm positive he would really enjoy it. He likes to be on his back and is really starting to be interested in objects. The deer head that hangs above his bounce must be getting boring.

 He doesn't sleep super great. He wakes up at least twice to be nursed at night. I'm anxious to see if once we move into our house and he's out of the bassinet, if this will change. He loves to sleep on his tummy but we only do that for one nap during the day when I'm present and can keep a close eye on him. We don't have a routine yet. We've just been winging it and will continue to until we get into our house. But, I'm a firm believer that a routine will help with how he sleeps at night.
 He sleeps more in the mornings than in the afternoon and evenings. I swaddle him as tight as possible and it seems to help but by the time he wakes up for a feeding, his arms are out.

(kissable lips)

(his hairline...) 

I thought about going back to substituting next month but after a little thought from both Travis and I, we aren't ready. I'm doing my best to soak up every moment with him. Colson is the best big brother and hates when he cries. He tries his best to be helpful but that stops at changing diapers. We have really loved using the Solly Wrap. Now that he is a little older with more head control, I like it a lot. He likes it for the obvious reason that he is being "held" and not sitting in a car seat.
This month has been fun watching him grow and change. I just hope time doesn't go too fast!

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