Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Colson!

Our Colson turned four yesterday.

This fourth year has been so much fun. He comes up with the most hilarious things. His vocabulary is growing at rapid speed. And he has a laugh that is contagious.
Here are some things about our Colson at four:
1. He is a talker. He talks none stop and if he has nothing to say, he hums or sings.
2. He is so excited to be a big brother. He is sweet and gentle so I know he is going to be great with Peyton. He is constantly loving on his little brother, giving my tummy hugs and kisses. He has already proven himself to be such a great big brother.
3. He idolizes his big cousin Taylor. He loves when Taylor comes around so he has someone to annoy! :) He talks about Taylor a lot and the two of them act like brothers.
4. He loves dinosaurs. Dino Squad and Dino Trucks are his favorite shows right now. He has requested a dinosaur bedroom at the new house and wants to wear shirts and pjs with dinosaurs on them every single day.
5. He still loves to cuddle up and watch a movie with his Mama.
6. He can throw and epic tantrum and talks back to his Mama like nobody's business. But his Dad only has to tell him once. {most of the time}
7. He really overcame his fear of water this past summer.
8. He has an unbelievable imagination and can draw like a pro.
9. He gives his Dad a hard time but talks about him and asks about him all day when he isn't around. He loves to wrestle and be wild as soon as he walks in the door.
10. Outside is Colson's favorite place to be. Dirt. Snow. Mountains. He loves being outside.

Questions I asked him:
1. What do you want to be when you grow up? A superhero, a construction site worker, and a hunter like Dad.
2. Who is your best friend? Austin
3. What is your favorite food? apples
4. What is your favorite toy? all my toys
5. What is your favorite movie? Dino Squad
6. What is your favorite color? Red, orange, and blue
7. What is your favorite animal? dinosaurs
8. Where is your favorite place to go? Our new house
9. Tell me something else about you? I love my Dad.
10. What are you going to teach Peyton? How to play tricks, slide, swing, walk, sit in a chair, how to stand, how to play with Legos and how to play with cars.

We had our families over last night to celebrate our sweet boy with a little football party.
We had planned on having it last Saturday, before little brother arrived. ;)

I knew we needed to keep it simple but it turned out to be pizza, cake, and ice cream.
Colson had a great time, and that is all I wanted!
A football party, requested by our boy!
Colson had requested a football cake. On the day of his birthday, I went upstairs to make it and Travis come up to find me...he told me to sit down and he was going to make it because I need to rest and not over-do it. So, this Dad made a football cake from scratch!
And Colson was so excited about it!
It was perfect!!!
Some good toddler talk, one of my favorite things...

He wasn't sure about having everyone sing to him but he managed to blow out those four candles with no problem!

Present time...

Grandma Jo told Colson she would buy him a dog...
Something he never forgot. She found an interactive dog and it was perfect!

Peyton attended his first party just a few days old! And, he slept through most of it...
Peyton never managed to get into Denver gear.

We love the Broncos, but we love our F O U R year old so much more!

Happiest of birthday sweet Colson! You are so loved.

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