Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October Goals

I've been looking forward to October....This month should be full of all things fall. And, getting ready for all the holidays.
First, here's a look at September....
1. Go to the eye doctor.  Done! I went to a new eye doctor and it was great! And, I have new contacts so I can see!
2. Finish my classes. I'm done with last semester and I've moved onto a new one. I have a lot of motivation right off the bat so I'm hopping to get a lot done before the baby comes.
3. Enjoy our date nights. I think we had three or four date nights last month. I loved all of them!!! Concerts are my favorite, especially with my husband. :)
5. Boy or girl?!?!?! BOY!!! We found out at the beginning of September. We were a little shocked but we couldn't be happier to be having another little boy!
And now....
My October goals.
1. Family Pictures. I love family pictures. I'm the only one that feels this way. But, I use the excuse of Christmas cards and I'm pregnant and want it documented. Bruce always does such a great job so I need to get those scheduled before we are out of time to get Christmas cards.
2. Enjoy pumpkin everything. I'm already doing this but I plan to continue the entire month of October! I'm so thankful coffee doesn't make me sick anymore. I've drank my share of pumpkin spice lattes!
3. Plan Colson's Birthday Party. I know it's not until January. However, with the holidays coming up and then having a baby sometime in January, I'd like to get it planned and ready so when January rolls around, no stress!!! He's requested a football party so it should be easy.
4. Enjoy lots of fall activities. Pumpkin patch, corn maze, carve pumpkins, and everything else fall I can think of! We have a new pumpkin patch in our little town that I've heard is excellent for kids so I'm excited to take Colson. We have Harvest Festival this weekend so I'm hopping to make it down to that!
5. Register for Baby!!! I'm really looking forward to this! Can't wait to go pick out all of the baby things. Travis and I have plans to go this weekend!
Well, that's my plans for October!

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