Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday

 Magnolia Market!
Okay so I randomly decided to check out Magnolia Market online the other day and oh I shouldn't have!!!! So I mentioned that I have a vision in my head for Peyton's nursery but it's hard to explain, they have some of the most perfect pieces! Seriously....
This ladder with blankets draped across it. I've already received some awesome blankets and this would be a fun way to display them. It's metal so it is more masculine and unique.
I couldn't love this sign more! Hanging above the perfect would it be!?! I love how simple it is and on the website they have a picture of it in a nursery. It's perfect!

Okay, so on the changing table...One of these would be great to keep lotions and other essentials corralled in. The rectangle one is a good shape but I really love the round one. I guess we have to have a changing table first to know!

And then there is this swaddle blanket that I just love the verse.

Seriously Magnolia market has some of the best stuff! These are only the things I want for the nursery, not to mention all the stuff I found to put in the rest of the house.
Our House!
Speaking of things I found to put in our house...check it out!!! This picture was taken on Tuesday, since then they have worked more on it. But we have interior and exterior walls and the garage is framed! I'm so excited about this. Building is a process. A stressful, exciting, frustrating process. And we've only just began. However, I know the end result will be all worth it. And, I'm thankful Travis is the person I'm experiencing this all with. He's knowledgeable about the process and I think he's pretty understanding....

Sleeping pictures.
Sleeping pictures will always remain my favorites. I love every night, right before I go to bed, I kiss my boy and tell him I love him. He has no idea. He's sound asleep. But when he isn't home, I miss it.
Pretty soon he'll be too big to kiss and take sleeping pictures so I'm eating this time up!

 My husband.
He came home from work on Wednesday with flowers in hand. I love him. His support gets me through. He gets me, understands me. He also knows how to cheer me up!  I'm very thankful for this life that God has blessed me with and the husband that I get to spend forever with.
Also, I read this and it's my life this week. My hair has been in a bun all week and I've drank way too much coffee!!! But, I'm handling it. :)

The semester is over. It's officially fall. The colors are changing on the trees. Tomorrow is October. I've been looking forward to it all week. It's finally here!!!
Fun things to look forward to in October!


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