Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday! This week is packed full and I'm really looking forward to Friday...I can't wait to find out if Baby Peyton is a boy or a girl!!!
On Friday, Colson and I went to the grocery store to pick up supplies to make cupcakes! As much as I dislike pushing around this car shopping cart...it makes shopping with a 3 year old much easier!
He was such a good helper! 

But his favorite part.....

We made 50 cupcakes to take to Grandma Kay's party! 

And then I was dreading the cleaning up part. I really love baking but really don't like the dishes...

Friday night we grabbed McDonald's and ate dinner in the future dinning room at the new house!

Colson pointed out the sky and how pretty it was!

Saturday morning Dad headed to work and this boy waved goodbye!

And then we got ready to head up to Cascade....
Waiting for GG and Papa Les to pick us up.
Colson was so excited to finally wear his "party shirt"!

Grandma Kay had such a great party! Brad and Barbie opened up their cabin to 50 people and it was wonderful!

Some of Grandma Kay's great-grandchildren. 

This little boy really eyed the cake table...

I failed to take very many pictures but I snagged this one of Travis and his brother Tony.

We decided to drive home since Travis had to work early Sunday morning. This boy slept the entire way...I don't blame him!

Sunday was a very lazy day....

My breakfast buddy...

And since it was a holiday weekend...why not enjoy a cupcake in your jammies after breakfast!
He made a kissing face and told me to get over and give him a kiss!!!

And back to bed. He fought a nap for about 30 minutes and then slept for almost 4 hours. 

We headed out to the "field" and Dad was working so Colson got to help. I stayed in the car. Look at all the dust! But we're making progress!

I headed to the grocery store and then really didn't want to cook! However, it feels good to have our groceries for the week!

It was raining while I was cooking so I turned on some festive music. My favorite holiday station...Travis wasn't impressed!
We're ready for football! Come on Thursday....

And since 50 cupcakes aren't enough, I made my very favorite cupcakes after dinner. They are so easy to make and I just added cream cheese frosting after they finished cooling.

We stayed up way past Colson's bedtime to snuggle and watch a movie. 

Sunday morning this boy snuggled me while we watched some Mickey Mouse and let Dad sleep in.

And when Dad got up they played while I made breakfast!

We ended our weekend back at the field helping Dad. Colson was so dirty by the time we left but he loved playing in all the dirt!
That was our weekend. It wasn't too eventful, but it was good.
This week is jam packed with things! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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