Thursday, August 25, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Week 34}

The last time I did a #joceveryday2016 post is was week 21. Instead of catching everyone up....I'm just going to pick up with week 34. Also, I felt like I spent so much time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, that I deleted them from my phone. I'm just taking a break. I don't really know for how long. But, it's needed. So, I haven't posted this pictures on Instagram but I took them and I'll just be documenting them here for now.

Day 230: these to witched for our well. #webbsbuildahouse

Day 231: Friday morning snuggles.

Day 232: off to deliver fuel with Dad!

Day 233: I love his imagination!

Day 234: Boy day at my house. #bestfriends
Day 235: back to Miss Tanya's house we go!!!
Day 236: I see signs of fall on my desk. #fallismyfavorite #comeonfall
I'm really looking forward to the weekend! Tomorrow is Friday and my to-do list is really long but full of good things!

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