Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday night started with Colson and Travis doing guy stuff while I made dinner. Colson was so excited that Dad let him help!
Then it was a trip to Home Depot to get packing supplies and some other things we needed for our house. Colson is really into doing things on his own right now!

Of course we had to reward him with Frozen Yogurt!

It was raining and this view of our town was so pretty.
Saturday was boring but Saturday evening I had a wine party so we took some pictures before I left.

I don't think the guys missed me at all! 

When I got home we had a sleepover on the living room floor.
I love these moments with the boys.

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling well so Travis brought me some tea....

And then I dropped Colson off when I headed to work. He sure loves his GG!

Sunday, we had a busy day but got to see this amazing view. 

Through all the busy times in life, God has a way of reminding us that He is still in charge and showing us the beauty in everyday things.
This weekend was perfect. I wouldn't have traded a thing.
Hope everyone has a good week!

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