Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites

So, Colson has never really been a fan of eggs at home. He eats them other places but not at home. He's been telling me about eating eggs at Miss Tanya's house and requested them for breakfast because they are his FAVORITE. However, when I put them on his plate, he told me I cooked them wrong and he wasn't going to eat them. So since ketchup his another FAVORITE of his, I put it all over his eggs and they were gone. He ate all of them! Such a silly quirk of his. But, he'll eat ketchup on just about anything!
The weather has been amazing and I've really enjoyed spending time on the back patio. It's my FAVORITE place to read my bible. It's so peaceful and relaxing.
Colson's FAVORITE chore is to help water the flowers. Last summer he could barely water them but this year he really is helpful. I'm surprised we haven't been drenched with water yet...
Wednesday afternoon Papa Warren came down and Colson insisted on showing him how to fish. He pretended the grass was water and managed to tell a few fish stories... Watching my grandparents with Colson is one of my FAVORITE things. They say grandkids are the best but I'm quickly realizing that great-grandkids might be even better!
This little love but went to lunch and ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He told me honey sandwiches are his FAVORITE but it wasn't available so he settled. He was so good at lunch and on this day, he got rewarded with some golf. I hope he grows up loving to play.
Lately, Colson's FAVORITE activity has been riding his scooter. He goes so fast on it. He told me this week that he needed a skateboard because it's just like a scooter but with nothing to hold on to.
Slow down Colson.....I'd like to believe that you will be riding this scooter for a few more years and holding off on the skateboard until your in middle school!
Oh my gosh...I'm in love with my Birkenstocks. They are my FAVORITE shoes right now. I've worn them every single day since I've had them, minus today because of rain. I LOVE THEM! And, my feet love them too. Standing on my feet most of the day, I'm glad I have a comfy pair of shoes. 
I'm also obsessed with my Fitbit! I didn't think I would like it so I never spent the money on one. But, our friend won it at a tournament and they already have ones so he gave it to me! I love keeping track of my steps and my sleep! I always knew slept good but holy cow, if it's correct, I'm hardly restless at all! I seriously have no idea how I'm so tired all the time!
This picture was sent to my from my husband this week. It's beautiful! Spring is quickly becoming my FAVORITE season. Look how green it is!!!
So, I took an oil class and I follow several oil lovers on Instagram. One of them made this bug spray so I thought I would give it a try. I love knowing what is in the spray and I also love that it took less than two minutes to make it!
My hunter boots are my FAVORITE. However, I don't like when they start to look yucky. I wasn't sure how to clean them so I went to Pinterest. They said to use I microfiber cloth and olive oil. Look at the difference!!! I couldn't believe it!
And ending it with my FAVORITE boy. I'm really looking forward to this summer and all the time we are going to have together! Everyday is something new with him and I love that.
This past week he's said some fun stuff I'd thought I would share...
"Mom, I don't like your singing because I like Dad's. He's way better."
"I don't like my room because I definitely want red walls." #notgoingtohappen
"Mom, the rule says we HAVE to go see dad. NOW, let's go see dad!"
I'm really looking forward to the weekend! Although, I'll be working some of it, I'm looking forward to spending most of it with the boys!
Happy Friday, friends!

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