Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Goals

I haven't done monthly goals for a couple of months. But, I'm back with some goals for May.
Although we've had some crazy wind, the weather is amazing and I want to take full advantage of that this month. Soccer is over but we still have a lot going on.
1. Run, run, run! I have a 10k to run next weekend and I need to train on some hills for the Sawtooth Relay which is next month. I need to run every single day. While I don't like to run, this is my biggest goal for May.
2. Go to Babby Farms with Colson. His Aunt Emily took him last year and he loved it! They have a ton of animals and the kids actually get to pet them. So fun, and Colson will love it!
3. Sign Colson up for swimming lessons. I'm dreading this. Last year he hated them and after taking them, he wouldn't even get in the lake, bathtub, or any body of water. He was terrified. So, I'm praying that this year will be different. I'm also hoping that a new place might help, so he doesn't start freaking out as soon as we pull up.
4. Spend lots of time outside!!! I think this will be easy! Colson loves being outside and before the weather gets too hot and miserable, I'd like to spend as much time outside as possible.
Since all of my goals had to do with being outside, it's only fitting that I wrote them down while enjoying a cup of coffee and the nice weather outside!
Happy May, friends!!!

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