Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Week 14 & 15}

Day 93: I have one VERY happy husband!
Day 94: 10k complete! Slow and steady finishes the race!

Day 95: the weather was perfect for washing cars!

Day 96: Colson's first soccer game!

Day 97: I had a running buddy this afternoon!

Day 98: always with a toy in his hand.

Day 99: big boy deserved a milkshake tonight!

Day 100: Fun family night of golfing!

Day 101: good food, good friends, and good memories!

Day 102: I love this weather!

Day 103: he was meant to be a dad. <3

Day 104: Colson rocked the dentist today!

Day 105: my love language. #chipsandsalsa #margaritas 

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