Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: My Mixed Tape

It's Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea! Today, we're sharing our life's mixed tape. It was fun thinking back and trying to remember what music I listened to during certain time periods.
As a kid, I remember listening to Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks with my parents. We had a box collection of all Garth Brooks' CDs and we listened to them all the time!

Then, when I was in elementary school Britney Spears was extremely popular and this CD  was on repeat.
The most embarrassing music phase??? When me along with four of my friends had a Spice Girls club and knew every. single. Spice Girl song. We made up dances, watched Spice World way too many times, and probably had horrible attitudes. Spice Girls made their way back into my mixed tape in high school when we did our Junior lip sync to a Spice Girl's song. Needless to say, I loved the Spice Girls.

In Junior High and High School I watched every single Friends episode more times than I would like to admit. My best friend and I would spend our entire summers watching Friends. I still love Friends. So, during those times, this theme song is the one song that really stands out to me. I don't know what other music I listened to during those times. But this theme song stands out to me!
In high school, I never liked the rap or hip-hop music. I remember listening to country music and never knowing any of the music my friend's listened to.
I graduated in 2008 and our Senior Song with The Great Escape, so I feel the need to include that in my mixed tape. However, I think the only time I listened to it was when they would play it for an event at school.

Now, my music is all country. I love country music. Actually, I always have. I have never strayed to far away from it. Eric Church and Luke Bryan are on repeat constantly.

Well, that's my mixed tape. Extremely boring, except for that Spice Girls phase. :)

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