Monday, March 21, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Week 10 & 11 & 12}

Goodness, three weeks worth of pictures...sorry for picture overload!
Day 63: working with Dad this afternoon.
Day 64: off to get parts for Dad and the sunroof was open!
Day 65: staying up past bedtime for snuggles and Frozen!
Day 66: Women with Bait!
Day 67: Fun day fishing even though we didn't catch any Steelhead!

Day 68: reunited!!!
Day 68: coffee and Jesus always make my day better.

Day 69: an hour of relaxation.

Day 70: triple date night.

Day 71: Saturday morning shenanigans.
Day 72: Spring forward hit me hard. All the coffee I consumed on this day wasn't enough to help. I picked up pizza for dinner because I wasn't about to stand in the kitchen and cook. And then somehow, I found the energy to make cookies! 

Day 74: Colson is all ready for soccer.
Day 75: perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.
Day 76: some days require extra caffeine.
Day 77: Happy St. Patrick's Day
Day 78: Travis cleaned up dinner and did all the dishes on this night.  It's the little things in our marriage that make me fall in love with him more everyday.
Day 79: jammies and takeout. Wild Saturday night at our house.
Day 80: Colson completed all of his chores this week so he got a new airplane!
Day 81: I hope he grows to love to read!
Day 82: a sweet treat before dinner!
Day 83: washing their cars!
Three weeks of pictures is too many at once but hopefully I'll be better about blogging every week!

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