Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Show and Tell: Christmas Decorations Edition

I've been looking forward to this day for awhile! I love decorating for Christmas and so I'm excited to get some new ideas!
Come on in...
This is the tree that you can see from outside, our big tree! It's decorated very simply.
 But the boys love it....
We don't have a mantel in this house so there is a ledge at the bottom of our stairs were the stockings hang!
The lighting couldn't be worse but here's a look into the kitchen.
 Above the cabinets....

  I love all the gingerbread men! They remind me of my Grandma Bonnie every time I see one.
 You can only see the top of my chalkboard......#fail
Looking into the family room.
 This small tree is my "decorative" tree! There are more things on this tree than our big one...
 The shelves on either side of the television. My favorite decorations are the ones Colson made. 
 This pillow is so cozy....when my mom found it she knew I would love it! 
And...a special tree in a special boy's room! And of course...Christmas sheets!

I can't wait to look through all the posts tonight to see everyone's Christmas decorations!


Reba said...

I love the handmade Christmas decorations on the family room shelves. The chalkboards are fabulous! Did you do them?

Unknown said...

I also love your chalkboards! They are so great!
I also love the Christmas sheets!
Thanks for sharing your Christmas d├ęcor!


Jocelynn Webb said...

Thank you! I did, I normally try and spend more time on them but it's so crazy this time of year! :)

Trac~ said...

Your house is just stunning and I love your trees! Regarding the chalkboard issue - just take a box top (like a shoe box or something a little higher) and set it on top of that where it can't be seen. Works perfectly - I had to do the same thing with some of my other stuff! :)

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas decor. Everything is beautiful. My favorite is definitely the chalk board with "Oh holy night....". Great job!