Monday, December 28, 2015

Favorite Things: Organizational Tool

Today is another Favorite things party with Andrea and Erika! Today we are sharing our Favorite Organizational Tool and it's no surprise what mine is....
Most people these days use their phones for everything...including keeping track of important dates, reminders, to-do lists, etc. But, not me. I like writing that stuff down. For the past two years I've used an Erin Condren Life Planner and I can't wait for 2016, so I can start using my new one! I love, love, love them! When they arrive, I do a happy dance!
It arrives packaged so fun!

There is a month view, which is a must have for me!
And each page has so much room for keeping track of things.
They also made some awesome changes this year.
I love the vertical layout of the planners but didn't love that they were broke up into morning, day, and night. This year, they are still broken up but you can write in your own label!
I schedule everything in calendar. Even things like, "grocery shopping", "Watch the Bachelor", "Bank", etc. It's were I keep track of all my school assignments, my work schedule, extra things we have going on.
I love being able to cross things off that I write down in my planner!
I love that it has a folder to keep loose paper.
It has a ton of note pages so I can keep lists that I will want for awhile.
I love that the tabs make it easy to find the month and they are heavy duty!
It comes with fun stickers.
This year they have a new square photo that was perfect for my favorite Instagram pictures. I love seeing my favorite people whenever I pull out my planner! I had pictures last year and then a generic one in 2014. 2016 is by far my favorite!
I love every. single. thing about the Life Planner!
Can't wait to see what everyone else's favorite organization tool is!

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Jenny said...

I love the Erin Condren planners. I've had 2 of them, and then finally this year decided to try out the Simplified planner. I love them both. Too bad, I can't justify getting one of each. ;)