Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

I just love October!

Leaves, pumpkins, football, Halloween, cozy weather!!!

Before we get to my October goals, here's how my September goals went down...

1. Complete 21 day fix challenge.
Well, I had a few interruptions but I will say I lost weight and inches so it was a success. I plan on doing it again!

2. Decorate house for fall.
Done! I love having pumpkins scattered throughout our house! 

3. Host a baby shower.
So much fun! I loved having a house full of ladies to celebrate Ryann and Jen.
4. Paint laundry room.
Didn't happen! Between getting sick and preparing for a baby shower...I didn't have time. There is some prep work that needs to be done before it can be painted and that hasn't happened either. I'm going to put this off for a month or two. October will hopefully be filled with doing fall things as a family!

5. Buy some Christmas gifts.
I bought one. I'm hoping to finish buying all of our gifts next month!

And now for October goals...

1. Enjoy pumpkin everything!
I love pumpkin everything! So, this is the perfect month to enjoy it!
2. Finish up my Christmas shopping.
I would love to have the majority of our Christmas shopping done by the end of this month, if not all of it! If I can finish up shopping this month, wrap next month, I can enjoy December!
3. Order Christmas cards.
I emailed Andrea because I loved my cards so much last year that I wanted her to design them again this year! After we get our family pictures taken this month, hopefully I can get them ordered!
4. Trip to the pumpkin patch!
Last year Colson had so much fun and I can't wait to go as a family this year! I love a good pumpkin patch! Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch!
5. Start school!
I hope to have a first good month and get right back into it. I've been so anxious about starting and getting a routine back. I love school!
I'm also excited to be taking on line classes so I can have a pajama party everyday!
6. Halloween crafts with Colson and Austin!
There are so many fun crafts on Pinterest to do with kids. With my new schedule, I'll have some more time with Colson and I think it would be so fun to have Austin over for some crafts!
Happy October to you!


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