Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Catch-up

It's Friday, which means I normally do Friday Favorites but since I haven't blogged all week, I have a lot from last weekend too!

Last Friday night we ordered a pizza and we were in our jammies by 8. It was awesome!
 Saturday night we decided to carve pumpkins. Colson hated the feeling and wouldn't get his hands dirty!
  But Travis and I had fun gutting pumpkins! :)
 Colson just wanted to paint his, so...
 That's what he did!
 He was so proud of the finished product!
 Sunday, we planned to go to The Farmstead but it I never checked to make sure they were open on Sundays...
So, my mom told me about a pumpkin patch in New Plymouth. We decided to give it a try and I'm so glad we did! So much fun, inexpensive, and worth the drive! 
 My favorite farmers!
 They had some fun animals!
 Although they were in cages and it wasn't much of a petting zoo, Colson still enjoyed it.
Colson wouldn't go on this by himself so I somehow managed to climb in. It was a bumpy ride but really fun! 
 He kept saying, "This is awesome!"
 Sarah, was their goat that was running around...Colson loved her!

 Colson's favorite part of the entire thing...
 It was definitely tailored for kids, which is great!
 Both boys loved this cut-out! So fun!
We love Frozen in our house!
 Please just stop growing... 
 Love this family of mine.
 This could not be more true. Especially the giant pumpkin that came home with us...
 Leaving with my giant pumpkin........
 So much fun Harvesting memories! :) 
 Love all my pumpkins!!!
 On Wednesday, I finished Colson's Halloween costume just in time for his party at daycare!
For the most part, I like how it turned out, but next year...I'm going to buy his costume!
Today begins my weekend so we have fun activities planned for the day!
I can't wait to go trick-or-treating this year!
I love this time of the year and this year is going to be so much more special, being a family of three and all! :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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