Thursday, August 6, 2015

August Goals

So true. Next month I'll be starting another year at school and life will be extremely busy again!
Before we get to my August goals, let's recap July...

1. Put Colson in swimming lessons: Colson finished a week of swimming lessons that didn't go very well. He's terrified of water. We talked about putting him in private lessons but he is so afraid anytime we are around water, we've decided to wait until he's more comfortable. So, we are working with him to just get back into the water.
2. No social media after 5pm: I still need to work on this but I did much better. Some nights it required me to leave my phone upstairs. I love what I got out of it though. I don't want to waste valuable time with my family because I'm scrolling through social media. Overall, it was a good effort this month.

3. Host two groups of people at our house: Love this goal! Before leaving for Hawaii we had over Ty, Liza and Austin. We had pizza and casually talked. It was fun and relaxing.
Once returning from our trip, and Travis's mom returned from her trip, we had over our parents. We wanted to show them our family pictures and our wedding pictures.
We love having people over!

4. Read two books: This I failed at. I read one book and it was amazing. But, on our flight to Hawaii, I slept and watched a movie. Hopefully I will be able to read two books in August because school starts in September!

5. Family pictures: This happened and I shared them with you here. When I contacted Bruce to schedule them he was able to do them June 30th so I got a head start on my July goals!
6. Marry my best friend: This happened and I shared our trip herehere, and here.
Now.. onto my...

1. Take Colson to the zoo: I love watching Colson explore and when I took Colson to the zoo this spring, he loved it! I'd love to take a family trip to the zoo or enjoy it with GG!
2. No social media between 4 and 9 pm: Last month was a good effort but most nights after laying down to sleep, I'm wide awake and found myself browsing Instagram, since the boys are sleeping it always me time to upload pictures from our evening and I don't feel guilty since I'm the only one awake!
3. Run a 10k: I'm running a 10k next weekend and it's going to be a h u g e challenge for me since I haven't ran since last July when I completed a half marathon. Wish me luck!
4. Blog 5 times: I have the very best of intentions of blogging more and it doesn't happen so, I'd like to make it a goal to at least blog 5 times, and not all in the same week. :)
5. Enjoy Colson before school starts: I'm headed back to school this fall full time so I'd like to enjoy my mornings with Colson and afternoons before I will be busy with school, observations, and the craziness of it all. I sure love our time together and I don't want to take it for granted.
I'm going to just add another goal in here because we're all ready for it to happen....
potty train Colson! Any pointers??? Let me know, I'm open to suggestions!
Happy August!

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