Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hawaii Part 2: our wedding day.

Welcome to my favorite day of our vacation! This is my last vacation post.
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I wanted to wait and make sure our parents were able to see all of our pictures before I put too many up on social media. It was a very special day for us. Just because we decided to elope, we still took it very serious and it was very important to us.
So...onto my favorite day...
on this day we got married and it was glorious.
We started our morning at a restaurant in our hotel that overlooked Diamond Head and the ocean. I'm telling you it never got old. We came here several times for drinks or grab something to eat because the view was amazing and the ocean was right there!
We had a long dock in front of our hotel and we walked out on it since it was still early and there was only a few people. We saw a double rainbow, it's known to be luck! was a really good day!
The view of Diamond Head and looking back towards our hotel.
I wore my Converse and since there was so much sand I took them off and Trav gave me a piggy-back ride since the dock hurt so bad on my feet!
Then, we sat out on our balcony for awhile and drank Starbucks. It was so relaxing.
Then came nap time....I'm not kidding when I say it was probably the most relaxing day of our trip.
We then had a couple's massage. We both really enjoyed it. After our massage, we went and had lunch and a drink by the pool. Two hours before we left to get married and we were sitting by the pool.....
My bridal bouquet was made by a florist in Hawaii and was delivered to our hotel while we were getting our massage. I immediately put the pin that was given to me by Travis' Aunt Kristi. The turtle pin was Travis's great grandmothers. I felt that it was perfect for our beach wedding and it was really special to have it. I never had the opportunity to meet her but I've heard so many amazing stories about her. She was a special lady.
In the limousine, headed to the beach to get married!
We arrived and couldn't believe how beautiful the beach was! The water was so blue and the sand was amazing!
As we were walking to get married.
Everything was perfect for our day!
The man that was becoming my husband.
 I was so excited and happy!
I cried, and laughed, and couldn't stop smiling.
 In Hawaii when you give  a lei, you give a honi honi. So, we each gave each other two leis and after each one we gave each other a honi honi. It was a fun Hawaiian tradition that was apart of our wedding.
Our first kiss as husband and wife.
 Possibly one of my favorite pictures. It shows how much fun we had on our wedding day and how much love we have for one another. I love this man and have so much fun with him. He brings out a side in me that allows me not to worry and have fun.

 On Wednesdays and Thursdays the beach is closed to the public, however, if you are Hawaiian, you can still be on the beach. So, there was about a dozen people on the beach while we got married. Normally, this beach is full of  people!
 In Hawaii, when a couple gets married, they believe rain is good luck and they want to be able to see two islands. Well, the beach we got married on, we could see the islands perfectly and it rained the morning of our wedding and then cleared off and was perfect weather.
 My grandmother altered my wedding dress and she did such an amazing job.
I can't imagine how anything could have made this day better.
7/8/15 It's a really good day!
And Mr. and Mrs.!!!
We had our wedding planner take a few pictures of us so we could send it to our families and friends. Our ceremony
A look at our limousine on our way back to the hotel.
Drinking some wine to celebrate!
 We changed and headed to Duke's for dinner to celebrate our wedding!
The view was amazing. Looking out over the ocean. This was extremely common!
 Drinks, dinner, and dessert. It was all so delicious!
{{So delicious we made reservations for Friday night and had the exact same thing!
Several people had recommended this restaurant and I'm so glad we listened.}}
Our day was relaxing and emotional all at once.
It was perfect for Travis and I. We got to spend the day being together and enjoying each other. I couldn't imagine having a wedding day doing anything else.
Wedding Picture Photo Dump


I'm so grateful for this man that is now my husband.
I'm grateful that I get to be his wife.
I'm grateful for the path that both of our lives took to get to this point.
Mostly, I'm grateful we are a family.

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