Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hawaii Part One: The first days.

Well... after spending six days on vacation it's taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things...but it was a glorious vacation :).

Our vacation was an actual vacation. We relaxed while we were there and our stress level was extremely low. Even though we were getting married while we were there!!!

I'm going to break up our vacation onto three posts. The first post will be the first two days we were there. The second post will be the last two days we were there and the third post will be our wedding. That post won't be until next week since our families haven't had the opportunity to see our wedding pictures first! Prepare yourself for lots of selfies and pictures of the ocean. However, consider yourselves lucky because I lost the majority of my pictures from day one and two that we were there.

We left on Monday, July 6th. However, we dropped Colson off with my parents on the 5th.
He didn't understand that mom and dad were going to be gone for a week. He was just excited to stay the night with Nana and Papa.
After dropping him off, I cried and there were some tears from Dad also.
So, since we were packing for a tropical vacation...we drank some tropical wine!
So delicious!!! 

So here we go...Becoming Mrs. Webb part 1! :)
Bright and early Monday morning my mom dropped us off at the airport and the first picture that was taken was of a fuel truck filling up an airplane.
It wasn't until I started dating Travis that I started noticing fuel trucks or anything fuel related. (Including that my fuel light in my car was on for two days and I should fill my car up!)

Here we are in the Boise Airport before boarding our plane! Happy and ready for the beach!
I took this in the San Jose Airport. Next stop...Honolulu.
And then after boarding our flight I posted this and said, 'Hey Travis Webb, let's go get married!'
To say I was excited was an understatement!

We arrived and took a taxi to our hotel that was right on the beach. 
We'd both been somewhat worried that our room would look out and we'd see a giant palm tree. So when we got to our room we took this picture and sent it to our family and friends and told them this was our view...
but really.....
this was our view.
Not too shabby!
We were on the 5th floor and it overlooked the grounds and the beach.
We settled in and headed straight to the office to get our marriage license. We decided to take a city bus...and by the time we arrived, 10 minutes later, we needed showers! So, we walked back!
Monday night we walked down to a hotel, about a mile and a half to meet with the gentleman that was going to marry us. This was along the sidewalk....
everything was so beautiful.
This is Diamond Head.
And we captured this walking back to our hotel.
We were sitting out on our deck talking and enjoying the view and we thought we saw a seashell so Travis ran down to grab it for me. But, the entire time we were there, we never found one!

Tuesday morning we decided to rent a car and drive to Pearl Harbor after taking a taxi that was extremely over priced and then the city bus.
We rented a compact car since we were just driving from our hotel to Pearl Harbor and back. But, we told the guy we were getting married so he let us drive a Jeep around. Much more fun than a compact car!

The first thing we toured was The Arizona Memorial.
I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go and visit, however, it was very sad.
You could still see oil leaking after all of these years.
This was the wall of Honor. The names of men and women who lost their lives.
Next, we toured the Missouri.
This was just before you entered the ship.

Such an overwhelming feeling to be walking on the battle ship were the war ended.
The gold, was in the ship deck where the Peace Treaty was signed.

 This was the Captain's quarters.
I couldn't believe how close and small everything was! 

The dental office. 
 Post office.
And for my brother...the firefighter gear. 

 It was a great experience touring the Missouri.

Next up...the Air Museum. 
 This was a replica of the Japanese planes that attacked Pearl Harbor.
 This showed up the positions of the boats and planes on Ford Island on the day it was attacked.
 This was a Japanese plan that went down in a farmer's field and burned.
 They had several different planes at the Air museum that we were able to see.
Travis loved looking at all the planes.

 Next up, the Bowfish submarine.

 I can't imagine being underwater in a submarine.
 There was a lot of stuff on this small submarine.
These were torpedoes that had beds directly above them. Could you even imagine sleeping about torpedoes?!

 Now, that is a mixer!
 The doors were very small! 

We loved visiting Pearl Harbor.
 We got back to our hotel and got ready for the Luau. We had some extra time so we sat at one of the restaurants in our hotel and enjoyed a drink with a nice view!
 Heading off to the Luau.
We watched them take the pig out of the ground. 
The beach the Luau was on was gorgeous.
(But what beach isn't gorgeous?) 
 They asked for any male volunteers and then dressed them like this and had them dance.
Props to these fellas!
It was a great show and we enjoyed it but the time difference was getting to me so as soon as we got back to our hotel, bedtime!

That's enough vacation pictures for one day!

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