Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cherry Festival

Last night we took Colson down to the Cherry Festival.

Colson had a BLAST!

I wasn't sure that he would ride the rides by himself or that he would even like them.
But, he was one happy boy!

We went down with his friend Austin to ride.
The boys had a great time.

Travis and I both purchased wrist bands so we could ride with him.
I'm so glad we did.

Colson was able to ride a real pony this year too! 
[last year he was too scared]

Tyrell and Travis got competitive and played each other in games.
Liza and I went home with way too many stuffed animals!

Nana and Papa ended up taking Colson home about 8:30

 and Travis and I went on a few of the bigger rides with Tyrell.

We were standing in line and we realized how old we were.

I'm sure we got some weird looks but we had fun and laughed until our cheeks hurt.
I tried my first deep fried Oreo and Reeses. They were so yummy and so sweet!
Overall, we had a great time!
Until next year....

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