Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Some Random Friday Favorites! 
Royal Treatment
Tuesday was the last day at work that everyone was there. So, they brought me Starbucks, and brought in lunch. I'm thankful I'll still be running with Rachel so we'll stay in touch.
Last Day.
Yesterday was my last day at Western.
Of course I'm going to miss some of the amazing people I worked with but I'm so excited for my next adventure in life!
Leaving on a plane this morning!
Dad and I are going to LA for the weekend!
I can't wait to watch the Red Sox play!
Playing in the pool!
One of Colson's favorite activities is swimming.
He loves it.
He dives right in without a fear.
Jumps off the diving board.
And his new favorite is counting to three and running to jump in!
Fried Chicken.
My favorite summer food.
I eat way too much of it but paired with a mason jar full of sweet tea and I'm a happy camper!

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518nymammaof2 said...

Sweet tea and fried chicken...sounds delish!