Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Playroom and Office Inspiration

I'm linking up with Andrea and her link up she did yesterday!
We are sharing playrooms and offices.
Our living conditions right now don't provide a space to call a playroom or office.
Colson's toys are corralled into two baskets in our living room and I do all my homework sitting on the couch.
But....with the help of Pinterest, I've found a few spaces that I love!

I love the colors of this room. It's so light and bright!
I think it's so important to encourage children to be creative so the idea of making them feel like an artist by displaying their art is a fun thing for the walls!
Making reading fun is a great way to encourage children to read! And, how fun is this reading nook!?
Taking an ordinary IDEA table and making it look, not so boring is a fun way to jazz things up!
Being a boy mom, I know that Legos are in my future. The idea of organizing them by color is perfection, however, not sure if boys care that much!
Storing crayons, markers, chalk, and other craft supplies in glass canisters and jars is an inexpensive way to bring color into a room.
A chalkboard wall...YES PLEASE!
Now, moving onto office space.
I love the idea of having an office and playroom all in one.
That way, everyone is together.
I love everything about this space.
The color and how clean it looks.

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