Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our 4th of July

We sure enjoyed our long weekend.
It was busy but we spent most of it outside.
Colson completed his first set of swimming lessons on Thursday!
Thursday night Colson and I attended a barbecue at my parents house and then went to the Wilson's.
Colson was exhausted. He swam most of the day Thursday!
Friday morning I ran another 10k.
My foot gave me some trouble because I forgot to tape it. So my time was horrible.
When we got home we made Bloody Mary's and sat out on the patio with an ice pack.
Colson went to Nana's house and swam with Robbie 
while I floated the river and then we all went to a barbecue 
and participated in fireworks.
Jefferson gave Colson some ear protectors because the fireworks were so loud!
Saturday was low key.
Later in afternoon, after naps, we went swimming again 
and enjoyed blt's. One of my favorite summer foods!
After that we headed up to the Irish's house to enjoy some more swimming.
Sunday afternoon I spent on the river once again and Colson played hard at Nana and Papa's house swimming with Robbie.

The pictures from our weekend are few and far between but it was a great long weekend!


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