Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fun. The weather was near perfect and we spent most of it outside.
Friday night we had pizza and then Colson went to Nana's house while Mama went and had a drink with Aunt Heidi.
Saturday started bright and early. Colson got a new fire hat and then we made a trip to the fire station to show Uncle Daniel.
Turns out, Colson wanted Uncle Daniel's hat!
He really enjoyed the trucks. Such a big boy!
Saturday afternoon Colson was a busy boy. I think he get's his driving skills from his Nana!
Papa and Colson hung out while Mama, Nana, and Gigi went to a bridal shower.
Saturday night we went to a country fry, so good!
Colson was crashed, he had a long day!
Someday Colson will be so embarrassed by this picture but seriously? I ran into the other room and when I came back in...he grabbed everything off my nightstand and looked like this! I think he needs some guy time asap!
I'm going to guess he was still wore out because I was cooking dinner and Colson was being extremely quiet so I went to check on him. He wasn't asleep but he was sure resting with one of Aunt Heidi's shoes on and all.
We enjoyed some watermelon. He LOVES it!
And Papa taught Colson how to climb the fence. Awesome....
But, these are some adorable pictures!
It was such a great weekend. This week will be crazy with so much going!

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