Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 23

Day 155: All boy! This boy was a mess and had mud EVERYWHERE by the time we went inside. But he was having so much fun and it was worth the mess. #yesmom moment

Day 156: Colson went shopping. He carried these bags around all over the house and loved having Hans jump in!

Day 157: Heidi and I went out for a drink. It was fun and I saw so many people.

Day 158: We went to a country fry at my cousin's house. I was delicious. I've never had crab and I'm now a fan.

Day 159: Colson's new favorite summer treat, and food in general!

Day 160: Colson and his girlfriend. :) Colson loves him some Joni! We got home really late Monday night and Colson was winding down until Joni walked through the door. He kept reaching for her and was in heaven. 

Day 161: Colson has a war wound! I feel really bad for him but it's part of being a boy and having no fear!

I've always thought he's looked like my brother. But now...he REALLY looks like my brother when my brother was his age. When my brother was younger his birth mark was very noticeable on his forehead. So as soon as I picked Colson up from daycare yesterday that's the first thing I thought of!

Day 162: we went swimming!
Katie shared her pool with us and Colson loved it!

Colson's official summer outfit is his diaper. You might catch him with sunnies or a hat but he prefers just the diaper!
We hung lights on our patio and I'm in heaven! I love them. It's so peaceful and I really love our view. Strange, but I don't mind looking into a field of cows. It makes me feel like I'm in the country. ;)

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