Monday, June 30, 2014

Mountain Memories

Colson and I had a great weekend!
Friday started like this for me...
and then I came home to this!
Which is always fun!

Colson headed up to Cascade with my parents on Friday night and I spent mine like this...
me, Friends, and a history mid-term.

Saturday morning I headed up to the cabin.
And found Colson like this!
After he woke up we rode the 4-wheeler around camp.
And I wore my rain boots! They were perfect. It had rained all week so the puddles were huge but it didn't slow me down at all!
Saturday the guys went golfing and Mom, Colson, and I headed to McCall.
We ate at a great restaurant and had some wine.
On the way back Colson was eating a cookie and was too exhausted to finish it.
I love being in the mountains.
Saturday night we went down to some friends.
and enjoyed s'mores around the fire after dinner.
Sunday morning Colson enjoy swinging on the deck.
And shooting the water gun off the deck.
And I finished that project I got supplies for on Friday.
Sunday evening I went to a surprise party for Heidi!
It was delish! Crooked Fence is great!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend! 
This week is crazy busy FULL of birthdays, running, swimming lessons, grill outs, and fireworks!

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