Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on Friday!

Last weekend was great. It was nice to relax and be with family.
I love this picture. My grandparents love my son and I'm so thankful he gets to spend time with them on the mountain. Some of the best memories of my childhood were made on that same mountain!
Colson loves my brother and he thought it was pretty cool "driving" his truck!
Summer fun.
I love this picture because as soon as he got in the pool he had a meltdown over that life jacket! Be outside of the pool he loved it! And he looks way to big with it on, running around the yard. This boy loves it outside!
After swimming we ran into the store, went and grabbed dinner, and he was asleep before we got home. Wore out! This was at 7 and he slept all night!
Mondays! I love getting texts from Heidi all day on Mondays. And this picture kills me! 
Colson got to hang out with Bentley on Monday too! These kids are cuties!
My parents. They live around the corner so we walk over often. Colson has a doctor kit over there and loves it!
Hans had a checkup!
Colson stood at the back door and cried so I opened it up and he took off running for my dad. This is how my dad proceeded to mow his lawn! Two peas in a pod!
Like I said, we walk to my parents and this was walking home! 
Summer nights. I love summer nights.
Colson is exhausted from the sun and so we snuggle!

We've had a great week and we are looking forward to the weekend!

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