Thursday, June 19, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 24

Day 163: Ladies night!
We each enjoyed a Corona and some Cheetos and called it an early night. We're cray!

Day 164: Happy Father's Day Dad!

Day 165: 10K complete!
Rachel, a friend from work came over and ran it with me.

Day 166: drinking a bucket of slush!
He was so funny carrying around his slush in this little bucket.

Day 167: First day of swimming lessons completed!

Day 168: Just a good old reminder.

Day 169: because Papa needed a picture of his buddy!
My dad checks Instagram all the time to see pictures of Colson and I received a text last night asking for one! Ha, since I hadn't uploaded one for the day yet, I went with it!
This week has been crazy and I'm so ready for the weekend!
Swimming lessons and other obligations have wore us both out!

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