Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday!
This week took forever, and I'm exhausted!

This was our first week of swimming lessons. We've struggled this week with teeth. Between swimming lessons and teeth, we are glad it's Friday!

I've been doing some hair and I'm loving it. Although, it made for a busy week! Thank goodness for my parents that help me out and Aunt Heidi.

Looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing. Doing a whole lot of nothing. Besides some homework, of course.

Next week is mid-terms.
While I'm not looking forward to taking mid-terms, it means I'm half-way done with my summer classes!

Mama's getting a tan.
This almost makes me feel terrible for putting this on here but I'm keepin' it real.
After running my 10k I had some nasty tan lines so I've been tanning and boy do I feel better!
Taking swimming lessons with Colson and having to get into a swimming suit in front of a million people, I want to have a tan!!!

Kelly  is hosting a link party today and it's all about hair!
I thought I would share some of my favorite products that I use and my favorite hair blog!

My absolute favorite hair product is Aquage uplifting foam.
This lasts a long time but I love having extra volume at my roots.

Another product for volume is Redkin Powder Grip.
I don't use this one everyday but when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to backcomb my hair I like it.

When I wear my hair curly, my favorite product is Bed Head Foxy Curls.
By far the best Mousse I've ever used.

Now for favorite blog is Kate over at The Small Things Blog. She's a hairstylist and has video tutorials  that are amazing!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 

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