Monday, June 16, 2014

Colson : 17 Months

Clothes: still fits into 12-18 month. Wearing some 24 month also. He's still in a size 4 diaper.

Favorite Foods: WATERMELON!
Otter pops.
Strawberries. Bananas. Cheese. Yogurt. Grilled cheese. Pizza. Ice cream. Baked spaghetti.
Pulled pork. Slush.

Favorite Words: Cows!
Go. Ball. Mama. Hi. Bye.
More (along with the sign language). Down. Rock.
Out (for outside). He babbles like crazy! His babbles are accompanied with hand gestures and the best facial expressions. We have lots of conversations. 

Favorite Activities: The parade on Saturday was a hit!
Talking to the cows.
Playing in the dirt.
Helping to water flowers.
Being outside. Swimming.

Dance parties in the living room. Water. Climbing the fence. Actually...just climbing. Fascinated with buckles. He's a thinking. Helping cook dinner.
Wagon rides. Joni.
The zoo.

Least Favorite Activities: Stopping long enough to change his diaper. Winding down to go to sleep. Car rides for long periods of time. He did great on our trip to Montana but he was so happy to run when we got home!

Other Milestones: He has a mouth full of teeth. He currently has two on top poking through and two on the bottom working their way in.

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