Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 Cherry Festival and Weekend Review

Friday night we went to a BBQ and my dad received his Father's Day gift... The two of us are going to LA to watch an Angels and Red Sox game! We both love watching baseball and I've always wanted to see the Red Sox play! He loves the Angels! I can't wait to spend the weekend with my dad, watching my Red Sox win!

Last week the Cherry Festival was in town.
We went twice.
Actually, I went Friday night with my parents after Colson went to bed to watch the band. We stayed until 11 because I had to run the next morning.
Saturday morning I woke up and met my friend to run in a 10k.

We finished in an hour.
I'm perfectly okay with that time.
Colson and my dad were cheering us on at the finish line.

We watched the hose competition.
And then headed home for a nap.

We went down to the parade.
Which Colson loved.
He loved the horses and kept asking for more.

We went to the park long enough to pay $5 for a pony ride that Colson wanted nothing to do with.
He wanted to pet, kiss, and talk to them, but didn't want to ride them.

I didn't indulge in a single piece of carnival food. And, we got Colson a ride pass and then sold it since he wasn't two and that is the rule. :(

Colson went home with my dad and my mom and I made it back down to Hucks to watch the band play again. There were so many people down there. It was so fun!

Sunday, Colson and I napped. I worked on homework. Went to our neighbors. Had a bbq. And called it a weekend.

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