Friday, May 2, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week: 17

What a week! I'm so glad it's Friday!

Day 114: I enjoyed tea and Parenthood after I put Colson down. It was so nice to relax!

Day 115: Starbucks + Fridays just go together!

Day 116: We went to a tree auction and Christopher bought a tree so we planted it when we got home.

Day 117: I took Colson over to my parent's house so he could try out his new golf set he was given. It was a hit!

Day 118: Colson was sick on Monday and he stayed with Aunt Heidi and my Grandpa. This is what I came home to.

Day 119: We went for coffee! He was starting to feel a little better and coffee always helps! (he had a smoothie btw)

Day 120: Colson sure knows how to fight sleep. I thought he was asleep and needed to go in the room so I checked the monitor and found him in the corner of his crib. No tears, just trying desperately to keep awake!

He's feeling so much better now and we are ready for a fun weekend!

Here are some more pictures from our week!
Colson was helping Aunt Heidi with her homework.
And then played!

He was so proud of himself for standing up!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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