Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday.

Here's five random things for your Friday!

1. I'm obsessed with Parenthood. I've just started watching it not too long ago from the beginning and I'm already to season 3, almost 4. I try and watch at least one episode a night after I put Colson down.

2. I'm looking forward to going to the races on Saturday. I've never been to the races so I'm not sure what to expect! And, it's a date night....WIN WIN!!

3. I'm listening to The Five Love Languages for Children on Audible while I get ready in the mornings and during my commute. I'm really enjoying it. It makes me stop and think about my time with Colson and how I'm showing him that I love him. I never want him to question that.

4. I ordered Colson with wagon! So excited for it to come. He has a smaller one that he got for Christmas and loves pulling it around but he's just too big for it. His cousin just got one for his birthday and Colson loves riding in the wagon so it will be great for summer!
5. Outside! The weather has not been the greatest this week but hopefully tomorrow will be nice enough to spend outside. I'm anxious to plant some flowers and I'm sure Colson will love "helping" since it involves dirt.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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