Thursday, March 27, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 12

Day 79: Colson loves to take a bath! He's been getting one everynight because of how dirty he's been after playing outside so much. And, it calms him down before bed.
Day 80:Colson put these shades on and he was obsessed with them all weekend. He thought he was pretty cool.

Day 81: it was around noon and this boy was still in his pajamas watching a movie.

Day 82: We NEEDED to get out of the house, it was cold, and it was windy. We went to Pizza Guy and then Lowe's.

Day 83: Colson got a new book about brushing your teeth. Something we struggle with! He loves brushing all the monster's teeth so I'm hoping this helps!

Day 84: While I was finishing getting ready I gave Colson my phone and once I got to work I found this sweet selfie! He also sent a few texts! Haha

Day 85: It was a good Wednesday! He was all smiles and laughs until he went to sleep!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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