Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Talk about a crazy busy weekend! I need another day of rest just to catch up...
Thursday night my grandparents, mom, Colson and I went to the mall and then Red Robin.
I didn't even make it home before getting sick. Since I remained sick all night, I decided to call into work and stay home. 
Later in the afternoon my friend Kylie and her sweet baby Braylee came over! It was so good to see them and get to hang out for the afternoon.
That evening Kylie watched Colson and I went to a meeting with my mom. Colson didn't mind all the pink and did great!

Saturday Colson went to play at Nana and Poppa's house while I went rafting! It was a blast!!! There were six of us that went but we didn't think to take pictures so you'll just have to imagine. Besides the cool weather, it was perfect. And it was nice to hang out with friends and be active!

Saturday night Colson and I met my parents along with my brother and Emily for dinner. It was yummy and Colson didn't want to hear anyone else talk, HE wanted to be the talker, I mean screamer! He had us all laughing so hard! Again, no pictures!

Sunday morning my mom came over and helped me make a diaper cake for a baby shower that I was going to. Then I met Jessica and Kylie and we headed to Boise to decorate and then Celebrate baby Walker and Teylir. Walker is due to arrive in about a month.
Jessica is also pregnant and due in October. Both with Boys! Someone needs a girl to play with Braylee!

I had such a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad it's summer so we can be outside more. Colson loves being out in the fresh air. We are going to Cascade in two weeks and I can hardly wait!

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