Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to work and they were talking about thankful Thursdays and the things in their lives that they were thankful for. So, it got me thinking.....a few things people immediately popped into my head! One person amazing brother!
Daniel has been by my side through everything. I can't always say he's been happy with the decisions that I've made but he's been there to pick me up when I fall.
That's a good big brother!

And you know what else???
He's an outstanding Uncle! He has become a great big softly since Colson has arrived. I'm sure he doesn't want the world to know that the manly-fireman that his is, has become a softly. But it's true!
The morning I called to tell him I was on the way to the hospital he cancelled HUNTING! Yes people, you read that correctly...HUNTING! That is some serious love. Not only that...he sat in the uncomfortable hospital chairs most of the 21 hours waiting for Colson's arrival. He was there and I knew it...
When I found out I was pregnant I new that if I had a boy his middle name would be Daniel. A perfect fit if you ask me. Colson couldn't share a name with a cooler guy. They remind me so much of each other and Colson is only five months old. Thankful, I'm perfectly okay with that.
I know I can be a pain sometimes and I know we always fight over who the favorite child is but he is defiantly my favorite brother! Now I know he's my only brother but I sure in the heck wouldn't trade him!
Daniel, thanks for all you do for Colson and I. We sure are lucky!


We are also super thankful for this amazing women that my brother is so lucky to have! Emily has been a rock for me the past week. She helped me so much when I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. These two make quite the pair and Colson and I love that we get to call them family!

I'm beyond thankful for these two and everything they have done for Colson and I!

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