Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two and Three Month Favorites

Months two and three have flown by! I'm obsessed with every little milestone of Colson's. He's smiling, holding his head up just a little longer, gripping things and holding onto them, and when he babbles and coos it's pure joy and entertainment!

Baby Magic Lotion- This is long lasting and has that amazing baby smell. Colson has yet to get dry skin and he gets a bath every night. I LOVE this lotion.

BUMBO- Colson sits right up in it! I only put him in it for a few minutes at a time, maybe twice a day, and of course on the floor! (I know it has recalls and some say not ot use it but I think it rocks! We just practice common sense when we use it!) Colson loves to see what is going on and since he can hold his head up, it's perfect!)

Sassy Ring Links- These are awesome to hang other toys from and easy to grip Colson loves to look at them. I hang them from his play mat, car seat, bouncer, etc.

Avent 9 oz. bottles- I like that there are only 4 pieces to the bottle. They are super easy to wash and put back together and Colson easily takes the nipple. However, if you forget the ring...MESS! It's only happened a few times.

Boogie Wipes- Colson has had a cold and these were soft on his face. Lord knows I used a lot of them because I don't want to be the mom that her child has crusties all over his face!

Infantino Square Twist and Fold Activity Gym- Colson will lay under his mat for a solid 15 minutes and stare at the toys, grabbing once in awhile. He smiles so big when he is playing. This was given to me from a friend since her kids have outgrown it.

Colson's favorite activies:
Watching TV programs with cars (seriously addicted to cars already!), smiling and babbling, clean diapers, bath time, eating your hands, and being snuggled.

Colson's least favorite activies:
Fighting sleep, taking naps, getting out of the bath, sitting and playing alone, being woke up, and lotion.

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