Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to Work...

This is my third week back at work.
They say it get easier but I miss him just the same.
Knowing that he is growing up and I'm not there to witness it pulls at my heart strings.

My first day away:
I cried while I was getting ready for work.
I cried most of the way to work.
I cried when anyone asked me about Colson.
I had to prepare three bottles instead of being able to nurse.
I had to leave for work while my baby was still asleep, knowing he would have to wake up to someone new.
I had more excitement than ever while driving home that night.

The term "working mom" has brought a new meaning and I have to up most respect for working mommas. Actually, for all mommas. It's hard work! Actually, being a mom is easy, it's all the other things that make it hard. Even though it's by far the hardest job, it's my favorite.

When I was preparing for leave I never dreamed how fast six weeks would go by or that I would love staying home so much. I hated to return to work, but I had no choice.

I was so blessed to leave him with family for the first three weeks.

Ellie, Emily, and my brother loved on him the first week. He was spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My second day back at work my brother brought Colson over so I could nurse him and love him on my lunch hour. It made it easier. Our schedule was confusing the first week. There was no normal.

The second week he stayed with Papa. (My dad) I honestly don't know which one enjoyed it more. I'm thankful for a dad that is so excited about being a papa. The two of them have an incredible bond.

This week Colson is with Nana. (My mom) Although I know she is loving on Colson, she is spoiling me this week. She has cleaned for me, done laundry, and sewed. I'm thankful for her help!

Next week, Colson starts going to a sitter. She too is a special lady. My grandmother has known her for years and that is reassuring. When we went out to her house so she could meet Colson it seemed like the perfect fit. We stayed for almost an hour and a half and it felt like ten minutes. C was a bit fussy when we first showed up and she picked him up and loved on him the entire time we were there. She has a way with kids and I can tell that she has a ginormous heart!

Colson is a lucky little boy with a lot of people that love him!

  • He eats every 3 hours.
  • After his evening feeding I rock him to sleep and he sleeps anywhere between 7-7 1/2 hours. (I really hit the jackpot with this! He must have his momma's sleeping habits!)
  • He likes his swing.
  • He loves his bouncer with the mobile.
  • Could watch the ceiling fan for hours.
  • He smiles at random things.
  • He LOVES the antlers and deer on our living room walls.
  • He loves bath time and really loves showers! He shows some major gums with his smile while in the shower!
  • He has a serious love for his Uncle Daniel. When my brother walks in the room and starts talking to Colson, his is content and stares at my him. The best thing to watch!

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