Sunday, February 17, 2013

First Month Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things that I used most often with Colson during the first month.

1. Playtex Nursers. These have been lifesavers. Since I'm going back to work Colson will need to take a bottle. Finding one that doesn't give him a lot of gas has been a challenge. So far these have done wonders and he takes the nipple just fine and doesn't seem to have much of a problem going back and forth to the breast.
2. I had no idea I would love having the bouncer as much as I do. Every morning I nurse Colson, change his diaper, get him dressed for the day, and put him in the bouncer while I shower and get ready. I use this EVERYDAY. I like it because I put it right in the bathroom with me so I can see him and talk to him while I'm getting ready.
3. The giraffe Cloud B sound machine has been great. I can lay Colson back down at night after our routine even if he isn't quite fully conked out. I just turn his giraffe on and it soothes him back to sleep. He loves it and I love it. I use it during the day as well when he naps. I like that it is small enough to take to the car or if we are traveling at all.
4. Staying hydrated while breastfeeding is a must. While pregnant I had a tumbler attached to my hand and it hasn't changed since having Colson. I love my Starbucks tumbler. Having a tumbler that I like is important because it makes staying hydrated fun! 
5. Johnson and Johnson hand and face wipes. Let's just say that Colson is a bit of a messy eater. It's nice to grab these while we are out so he doesn't have leftover milk in his neck or around his mouth. :)
6. I have had great success with the Medula breast pump. It is fast and with a baby...that is key! I will be able to take it to work with me and can take it in the car since it has an adapter. Seriously love this!

 7. I've heard horror stories of milk going bad and so I spend the extra money on good quality bags to store my breast milk in. I haven't had any issues with it freezing. I recommend these babies. :)

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