Thursday, July 11, 2024

Charlee Jo {FIVE}

 Playing catch up with some big life moments and Charlee Jo turning FIVE needs to be documented.

On Charlee's birthday, we went to La Costa and they sang to our girl!

She got the pair of boots that she really wanted! 

We had dinner and ice cream...

and more presents!

We celebrated our girl with her friends. This was her first "friend" party and it was perfect.

She requested a cowgirl party and we kept things pretty simple.

I used my boots to hold flowers. We had cake, cupcakes, and the cutest cookies!

The girls loved the photo props!

They colored...

practiced lassoing....

and played for hours on the bounce house!

Even Daisy joined the party. 

These kids had so much fun!

Uncle Ray provided the cow and it's perfect. He did such a great job!

Thank you to everyone that came and celebrated our girl!

She was worn out from all the fun!

I'm looking forward to another year of watching our girl grow!

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