Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Peyton is 7!

On Saturday, our middle turned seven! 

He is kind hearted, sensitive, and loyal.

He's decided that he loves baseball and that's the only sport that he's interested in playing.

He wants to be a fuel truck driver when he grows up, just like Dad. I should also tell you that Travis is his favorite person and he has no problem telling me that. He loves his Dad so much!

He is tough....even when he falls out of trees. :) 

He would rather stay home than go to school. He is truly excelling this year in school, but doesn't love it.

He loves to dress up in his suit for church. 

He loves dogs. A lot.

His brother introduced him to Dude Perfect and his favorite guy is the rage monster.

Toy Story remains his favorite movie and I love that although he's growing up, pictures like this remind me just how little he still is.

He really, really, really, loves Doggie! I'm certain that Doggie will go to college with Peyton.

I have a very hard time tell him no with those big brown eyes...

I can't wait to see what year seven holds for this sweet boy!

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