Thursday, January 25, 2024

Makeup Favorites

 Over the past year, my makeup choices have changed and I am using things right now that I really love. I thought I would share with you what I'm using just incase you're looking for something new.

1 - cleanser - I switched to this foaming cleanser because I ran out of my BeautyCounter cleanser. I wanted to be able to run into the store and grab something and really like this. Ilia is a clean brand so I was happy with the ingredients that were in all their products.
2 - foundation - I use shade 1.75
3 - concealer  - shade 1.5
4 - cheek set - I love the options this provides. I use the dark for bronzer on my forehead, side of the nose, and jaw line.
5 - eyeshadow - I've had this palette for years. Some of the colors are almost gone. I keep going back to this palette over and over again.
6 - brow pencil - Dark Blonde
7 - liquid liner  - Midnight Express Black
8 - mascara -Lash lengthening in black

I'm by no means a makeup artist. I've done the same thing for years. Although not all of these products are "clean" I do try and look for clean products. I have tried several cream products and I prefer powder which makes my search harder.

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