Friday, January 19, 2024

Friday Favorites


Charlee's favorite activity is painting and coloring. She loves to draw!

She is constantly grabbing supplies and making a creation.

My newest favorite afternoon pick me up is a Sonic dirty Diet Coke.
Diet Coke, lime, coconut, and sweet cream!

An extra day off from school is everyone's favorite. Even though not everyone was feeling 100%.
It allowed us to lay in bed and snuggle for extra time in the morning.

We tried out some new recipes this week and some were our favorite and some were not! I'll share the recipes soon from the ones we liked!

Wednesday was a snow day and Colson's job was to clear the sidewalk. His favorite neighbor came to help him...she's seriously the best!

I went out to shovel after it snowed again all afternoon and the kids were gone. It's not my favorite task either. I'm ready for sunshine!

Playing a lot of games of Uno is our favorite. I've decided we need to play a lot more games in our home so we can learn to lose and win. Our home is full of competitive people! 

My kids' favorite new movie is The Parent Trap which makes me so happy since I loved it as a kid also. I remember going and seeing it in the movie theater! We watched it together this week!

I hope you've had a great week! Happy weekend!

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