Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Celebrating Colson

Yesterday was the first part of our celebrations for Colson! 

Travis always takes the kids to to lunch on their birthdays. Just the two of them. Colson requested La Costa again this year so Travis checked him out of school and took him. The best part for Travis is the one on one time he gets with each kid.

Last night we had grandparents up for dinner. Colson requested tacos and burritos with rice and beans.

He's just like his Mama with his love for Mexican food!

He requested banana pudding which is so much easier to make than cake!

He was very happy about his gifts and he's even happier today since it's a snow day so he can use them all!

It's hard to believe he's 11, but I'm so glad I get to be his Mama and watch him grow!

This weekend we're going to have a couple of his friends over for a sleepover. He asked if he's old enough to stay up all night and I quickly said no and then regretted allowing a sleepover all together. 😆 So I'm hoping for a smooth evening!  

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