Monday, October 16, 2023

Weekend Favorites

 Happy Monday! This weekend was a good one.

On Friday, Peyton was awarded the Principal's Pack award! He has improved on his reading scores so much! He works so hard at home and at school. We're very proud of him!

I was able to get a picture with his principal, Mrs. Farnsworth and the school counselor that we love!

We also finished all of our paving at the house which was a big day for Travis!!! 

Colson and Charlee enjoyed watching the Eclipse thanks to Aunt Theresa! She dropped off glasses so we could all watch it. 

Charlee Jo watched the sun all morning with her glasses....

Colson and Travis wrapped up football season with a win! I love watching both of them on the field. It always makes me emotional watching Travis pour so much of his time into Colson's sports. It's a huge commitment. Colson loves playing football so it's bittersweet that it's over.

The boys were down at halftime 6-16. They never gave up and came back to win.

The winning touchdown! Talk about excitement!

Peyton was invited to go camping with a friend and had the best time! These two are the best of friends.

Such special memories being made!

I also managed to squeeze in a nap! This guy was extra glad!

Charlee Jo spent a lot of her Sunday outside helping Dad.

We watched football. There were some great games on! Thankfully the Broncos weren't playing so we didn't have to be heartbroken.

Such a great weekend with my favorites!

I hope you have the best week!

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