Wednesday, September 27, 2023

What's Up Wednesday {September 2023}

 Happy What's Up Wednesday! I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share a little bit about what's going on in the Webb house right now. 

We still have a very busy schedule this week. I'm always trying to find easy meals that I can make in as little time as possible. I ordered a new cookbook and it has so many great recipes that are easy to make.

Home and Kind made a one stop cookbook and I picked up everything I needed at Costco.

Yesterday we had tacos, because we always have tacos on Tuesdays! 

Tonight I'm trusting my slow cooker to make us dinner.

Three years ago our friends took my Grandpa Les on a ride on their jet boat. I love this memory every year when it pops up. My grandpa used to run a jet boat and so this was so special for him.

This is one of my very favorite pictures of my grandpa!

Last year Travis and I were in Denver! My favorite city with my favorite person!

We're loving Uno! I'm taking every opportunity to play Uno and Skip-bo with the kids. It has been so helpful with number recognition and it helps us to pass the time whenever we have a few extra minutes.

Colson is still playing football! Travis is the offensive coach so they are busy with football.

Travis is building a shop and as much as I want it to be done...I'm dreading it a little. I know he will be spending a lot of time out there....I might miss him.

I am headed into the school today to sub! I rarely sub anymore but our district really needs substitute teachers so I'm filling in when I can.

All things fall....I started decorating my porch this week, I'm just waiting for pumpkins! This was my porch last year, I think I also need to add some bats to my porch this year!

I'm currently watching United 93. Although it has been 22 years since 9/11, I still watch and read anything involving the day. It is such a sad time in our nations history.

I just started The Last Flight for our bookclub. I am enjoying it. I never imagined I would like s suspense thriller but every October we read one and I love them!

This month I went with friends to The Gorge to see Eric Church. On our way, our friend told us that we were also going to see The Lumineers. Since returning, I'm constantly listening to them!

I can't get enough of my new favorite skirt! It's so comfortable and I always get so many compliments every time I were it. I will say that I love how it can go with everything! 

We have a very full weekend planned that also includes church after missing way too many weekends.

And I'm very hopeful for some down time as well...

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!

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