Monday, September 11, 2023

Weekend at the Gorge

 Over the weekend I went to The Gorge to concerts with friends. It was a quick weekend full of clamping, wine, music, and laughter. I'm just going to leave you with some pictures.

We arrived Friday to watch The Lumineers. Saturday we saw Jelly Roll and Eric Church.

It took us an extra four hours on the side of the road to enter into the Gorge. We met lots of people and everyone made the best of the situation.

The Lumineers postponed their show for two hours and as soon as we got to our seats, they started playing! I didn't know who they were until Friday night and now, I'm a fan!

The Oasis campground was perfect. This was after the concert. It looks like a postcard.

Orange juice or mimosa...the best part of glamping. Nowhere to be but hanging out.

The setup was great. Just the right size for four ladies...

We got into the venue just in time to watch the sun set and hear the opener, Hailey Whitters. 

This was the best venue I've seen a concert at.

Goodbye 107....

So many wonderful memories were made with the ladies I went with. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity.

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