Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Wild Willy’s on Main

Wild Willy's now has two locations!
If you've followed along on Instagram, you know we purchased a second store. Don's Market is in Emmett but it hadn't been well managed for several years. It came on the market and it didn't take long for us to make the decision to put it in an offer.

We got the keys on March 31st.
Here's a look at the outside on the day we became owners.

And here is the inside. Most of the lights didn't work. The store was so dark and the layout wasn't working well. We had a lot to do.

Charlee Jo was eager to help us. Right away she started working. Our store manager also worked so hard to get the store open!

Here's a few more pictures just to give you an idea of what we walked into.

The very next day so many people showed up to help us tackle this project.
We got straight to work clearing out the store.

You can tell that throughout the years, there were improvements made but they were cut short.

A lot got done in just one day...

The "walls" around the deli section were cardboard. Nothing was properly installed.
The cabinets were just sitting on the floor.

That's not entirely true, the dirt and soda had created a glue that held everything in place.

After a weekend of work, we were starting to see great progress.

We spent every evening and every weekend working at the store. Travis spent so much time down there. He never complained and there was a lot to do.

Y'all we filled four industrial dumpsters with junk!

Once we got everything cleared out, the change really started to take shape. Each day there were contractors there for various reasons.

Those card boards walls became actual framed in walls.

These three were troopers. They spent several days down helping and getting dirty.

Travis took off the back carport part of the building. It wasn't built properly and didn't serve a purpose.

The front parking lot got tore up and replaced with all new concrete.

We owe so many thanks to so many people that helped us.
Our kids even had to help out.

Most of the time, they didn't complain. But not all the time. ;)

Walls are up on the inside...

New piping outside for the pumps...

We re-textured the entire inside. We really wanted to make it all feel the same.

Getting ready for paint.

So much brighter. And this is without any lights!

The only thing we really kept was the floors. They were in bad shape. I'm not sure the last time they were actually cleaned....

With a lot of scrubbing on my hands and knees, they looked so good!

The real MVP, my 85 year old grandmother that wouldn't take no for an answer. She scrubbed floors, washed windows, and picked up trash.

Working lights!

We decided to finish paving the parking lot so the last week was crazy. Vendors inside, contractors inside, and the parking lot was busy getting a facelift also!


This was the Friday before we opened. I remember walking through the store thinking there was no way it would be ready in six days...

But, things came together...

The new cabinets and counters look so great!

Travis made the first sell. David Little has been the biggest supporter of this adventure.

The day before we opened! The outside was looking great.

Travis covered the sign until Sinclair comes to re-brand.

The shelves were stocked!

Midnight before opening day...

Setting out the sign after a month of a lot of work! 
I remember hoping that people would show up...

Y'all, people showed up!!!!!

Our friends eating their breakfast sandwiches from the store...

These cute customers that needed to stop before school...

Friends that went out of their way to support us.

Family that stopped for breakfast and coffee...

So much love and support was shown to us.

We are so blessed to be supported by so many wonderful people.

So excited to have this second location!

And a huge thank you to every single person that helped us open our door and continue to support us!

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