Thursday, June 1, 2023

Last Day of School 2023

 We survived the school year with three kids in school.

 This was Charlee Jo's first year in school. She attended preschool two days a week and it was a great year. She grew so much!

She is excited for next year to have one of her teachers again and see her friends again.

The boys both had great years in 4th and kindergarten. Peyton went all day, everyday. It was a big transition. I thought he would never adjust but around Christmas break, he was doing great!

Colson only has one year left at the elementary school and I'm not handling it well.

Look how much they've grown!

Mrs. Wille was so wonderful!

Colson loved being in Mrs. Garcia's classroom.

Now, Peyton is off to 1st grade! 

We're so thankful for a great school year. Now, we are going to enjoy our summer break!

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