Thursday, January 26, 2023

Valentine's Day Favorites

 It's almost love day! Do you celebrate? Travis and I don't do anything special. We have a special dinner with the kids and we'll get them a little something from us. We don't go big.

However, I'm sharing a few of my favorite things or items on my wish list...

1. This pan has been on my wish list for awhile now. They are the talk of the town and I feel like I might actually cave and purchase it one of these days. I mean, the color is a high selling factor.

2. I have this diffuser and it's my favorite! It's so beautiful and I diffuse daily so it gets a lot of use.

3. These blankets are the softest. I've purchased for gifts but don't actually own one. Not sure I can justify another blanket in our house but if I could, this is the one I'd buy!

4. I have several of these earrings and love them. They are so festive and light weight!

5. I love matching pajamas and these are so cute for the holiday and into spring. The top can be mixed with other patterns also! I love pink and white together so these pants were love at first sight!

6. We recently purchased this espresso machine and I wish we wouldn't have waited so long. We love it and my coffee intake as increased, although I didn't know that was possible.

7. The Stanley. My favorite cup to drink from! I do drink more water when I have mine filled up and with me. They have so many fun colors know!

Happy shopping, friends!

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